1/2-1/3 Orcas island, WA


A happy new year ! The curtain has opened! How did you spend your new year? 


It has been such clear wheather since the new year has started.  The blue sky in the cold brisk air.  The mountains are showing clearly as well! The Olympics on the West, the Cascades on East, Mt. Rainer to the South, Mt. Baker to the North!! I believe it has been the nicest wheather this winter.  I'm just so thankful. 

年末に姉がシアトルを訪れ、年越しを共に過ごすことができました。2日からオルカ島へ一泊。シアトルから北上し、フェリーにのる計3時間。オルカ島の位置するSan Juan Island諸島はアメリカの特別部隊Sealチームの中で「北のカリブ海」と呼ばれていると、相方の母から教えてもらいました。カリブ海にはいったことが無いので、比べることができませんが、何となく素敵なたとえだなと思い、ここに書きました。

My sister spent new year with me here and we took a trip to Orcas Island for one night! We drove up to Anacortes and got on the San Juan ferry. It took about 3 hours from Seattle total. (with the one hour ferry ride.) As Tony's mum says, Orcas island and the rest of the San Juan Islands are called "the little caribbean of the north." by U.S. seal team. I have never been to the Caribbean sea, so it's hard to compare, but I think it's so wonderful sounding that I wrote it here.

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The San Juan Islands are a paradise for whales.  Many migrating whales spend spring through fall here.  Even though I have been living Seattle over three years, this was my first trip to the San juan Islands. (now I can't believe it! ) My other sister Caitlin saw many whales when she visited Lopez Island last summer. I wish we chould have encountered some too. Mabe be next time. Come back Kao chan! 

Anacortesという町からフェリーで。In Anacortes waiting for  a ferry.

Orcas island is the third stop. 

一同フェリーの上で大感動。enjoying this beauty.
a now mountain on the back. Mt baker...?


When we landed on Orcas Island, the sun was already gone. The air got colder all the sudden and silence arrived. It is just such a beautiful place. I felt the earth. 

道に迷って遭遇した絶景の夕焼け。we got lost and found this killer view.

オルカ島東、ドーベイの夕暮れ。The sun set time at Doe Bay, Orcas island.

ものすごい星の数。さむい。でもすごく綺麗。青い星リベルも赤みを帯びたベテルギウスもりんりんと輝いている。静か。足がかじかむほど寒かったけど、忘れられないほどうつくしかった。この後、本日のお宿、オルカ島の西側に位置するWest beach Resort のBeach cottageにてみんなでお鍋をしてほくほく。姉に自慢の火焚きの特技をお披露目し勝手に満足。


There was a hot spring at Doe Bay, so we took a bath. After soaking, we stared at the stars for quite a long time.
 Billions of starts were there. It was so cold but worth standing out in the icy night to stare at those stars. Red ones, blue ones everywhere, even shooting stars.
It was the most unforgettable sight of the trip.

Our lodge for the night was called the West Beach Resort. It was a cute place and I highly recommend it. There are options on what kind of cabin you wish. We selected beach cottage #12 by the water. Such a cute place. We cooked Japanese hot pot Nabe together. During supper there was a little guest from out side. Willy the cat. He lives at the resort with 10 other cats and one dog named Andy. He send the whole night with us and made my sister and Sachiko very happy.


I woke up a little earlier than everyone else and went outside.  The bright moon was still on the sky.  Pale blue, it slowly got lighter and ligher. How calm it is. Everything was still frozen in the woods, and on the roof, and on the beach. Good morning Orcas island!

I open the door and hear the small sound of waves. it is right there! 

晴天の翌朝はTurtle Back Mountainという山へ。ちいさな山ですが、頂からの景色は絶景。

We went hiking on Turtle back Mountain. It was a small mountain, but the view from the top was incredible.

It is a great start of 2013! 

おるかホテル。大正時代の建築物。At Orcas Hotel. A historical building since 20's. 

ムーミンの家みたいでした。It really reminds me of Moomin's house.


I want a world where every living-life can be respected equaly and be able to turn back to nature naturaly. What is beauty? What is richness? I have been living this earth for 30 years and I have been taking advantage of nature. I have done nothing for nature and yet it provides for me. While Im doing "Nothing",  curtain people with  money and power have been active collecting more money, destroying the earth and other creature's lives.  I have pretended not to see this happning. It is so shamful.


My resolution of the year is STUDY.  I need to use my tiny brain to its fullest and study more of what it is happening and what I can do. I need to be tuned in to the life that is and always has been around me. 
If we change indivisualy in human society, the society can change as a whole.  Im done putting lids on things I don't want to face.  This is a big challenge of a small exsistance like myself.  I was born as a human this time and I feel responsible.


Thank you for visiting my journey blog! Little oze will keep on traveling, please stay tuned. 
Wishing everybody's health and happiness.

Best wishes to all.


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  1. Beautiful photos Mari!

    And your words are very profound, I think we all(myself as well) need to do more for our planet before it's too late.
    We need to share the Earth with it's flora and fauna. And respect it all~
    With human avarice, nothing is sacred.

    I think Japan is strong, and will be back better than ever.
    And I believe everyone can learn from them in how to act during a crisis.
    Take care and keep smiling Mari san^^