2/13、9PM ただいま撮影中のシーンです。



sorry it has been too long since I updated my journal!
but dont worry, The production has been going well.

finished Bedroom scene. Tonight, I am going to shoot kitchen #1 scene. opening fridge part.
setting up camera right is the hardest thing. shutter speed, F stop, ISO, white balance..... lots to learn.

I have been very interested in photography a lot lately. It is necessary to know the their techniques for the world of stop-motion animation. and also I always feel extreme joy when I meet good photographs that hits my heart like a thunder striking.

anyway. here are the photos of processes.
wish me luck for tonight. it is gonna go all night long till the sun comes back.


this is my friend Jamie. she is an artist and a good friend of mine. thanks for the help!

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