Seasons 2012 Calendar on sale!

Hello everyone! enjoying the early winter? it has been raining all day in Seattle. so was yesterday.

The calendar for 2012 is on sale from my etsy craft shop "Little Oze!"
7 original illustrations, it is a story of a young fox girl traveling through the seasons of the year.
It is a very cozy calendar that will make your days very special.




size: 6.5"x8.5", 13"x8.5" when it's hung.
hand bound craft book style. very homey.

It is a great holiday gift for your friends and family!
if you are interested, send me an email, mariichimasu@gmail.com
or order straight from etsy.

thank you ♥

サイズは15.5cm×21.5cm 開くと31センチ×21.5cmです。


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