Tim the sailer shark!

  • Name: Tim the sailer shark
  • time period: 2 days
  • size: 14 inch
  • materials: sculpy, amature wire, aluminium foil, jean fabric, knit, tooth picks, playtoon clay, woods
For our Japan earthquake/tsunami benefit event, I made a puppet. He is Tim the sailer shark.
He is one of lovely characters of my comic "Linda Coconut". In the comic, he is not a sailer, but linda's drinking friend at a bar called black sea lion. The puppet was raffled off, and won by Paige Hansen who is my host mother....!!!!!! how miracle this is. He scored!!

The event was a huge success, we raised over $2000 by amazing heartfelt people who were there for Japan. Thank you so much, everybody. and I love you all!!

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