night boat to nippon

Tony and I are throwing a Japan earthquake/tsunami benefit event next month, on the 22nd of April at the FUN HOUSE. All proceeds will be donated to the JAPANESE RED CROSS. We are supported by Rockinstan Records, volunteered by local rock bands, tattoo parlor, artists, skateboard shops, a beauty salon, record shops, and a bunch of heartfelt friends. Thank you so much for all.

a symbol logo for our action to Japan.

The concept is our flame towards Tohoku area of Japan.

The bird is a swallow. In Japan, swallows are cherished by people as beneficial birds from long ago. They make nests under roofs of people's houses. They build their nest and raise babies in a place where there is a lot of human traffic to avoid predators. Having a swallow nest means that your house has good luck for business. According to that, we use the swallow as a symbol of hope and desire. This bird will carry love and prayers from all over the world to people who live in the Tohoku area. I believe that all of the areas beauty, people's houses, and streets will come alive after this tragedy, and many swallows will come back to the houses and roofs to build little nests for all's peace and happiness.

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