2/5 2011

On the DUE day, 5th of February, in the morning I decided to change the raffle prize to a painting from the cat puppet. The reason is because I got too emotional about the puppet I was working on for last 2 weeks, there was no way letting it go.

So! I painted a picture of Ivy, the guitar player of THE CRAMPS. it is 8 hours miracle. ROCK!

Title "My daddy drives a UFO" 18x24,
mixed media (acyclic, beer cardboard box, takashimaya-wrapping paper etc..)
on wood panel

I forgot "A" before UFO. Idiot!! But, Everybody thought that it fits my personality a lot and they loved it. it is all good!

getting flamed nicely.

And the night came. Letting my art piece go is always hard. I even bought 3 raffle tickets to win my own painting so that I can get it Back! All my friends and family bought soooooo many tickets to win my painting, which I really wished them to win..... anyway, It was just extremely intense. Thank you so so much everyone, I never felt like this warm before. I love you all.

The winner was Peter. I had to make sure what kind of person is getting my art, but yes, he is an art lover. He will take a good care of it, no doubt.
Thank you Rockin stan records for the crazy punk rock night and Happy Birthday to Donnie D! !!

me w/the owner peter

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