I realized that 7.5 inch puppet doll is a little too small as a prize...! So I made bigger skeleton, 10.5 inch. The bigger one is going to be given away to winner at the event, and the little one, I am keeping her once it's done.

Today, I picked up foam, so I started sculpting them. I would like to thank Jessica who showed me her way of making puppets. EPOXY rules. It is much more stable than gorilla glue, gotta mix really well though, otherwise, it never gets dry.

For new skeleton, I used balsa wood as core parts. I feel more earthy. (epoxy equals out though.) I think they needs to be curved rounder before i cover with foam sheets.

As you can see, the little one has first skin layer now. I spray glued thin foam sheets and tied up with strings. She looks like just got out of shower, very skinny wet kitty...

prosciutto hum
Margarette's hope
soy milk
beautiful losers
the cramps

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