Today, 23rd January is my father's birthday.
I wish his best health and luck over the pacific ocean!

2011 calendar project is finished, I totally made 6 illustrations for seasons.
Here is the link to art work http://komaribooks.jimdo.com/little-oze/
those first edition calendars were all given to my families and friends for holidays internationally. If you are interested in spending beautiful seasons of 2011 together with Little oze's calendar world, please contact me. I am here to send you one.
It will make your seasons homey and cozy I promise!

Here comes a project I am working on now. I am making a puppet of Mie. Mie is a stray cat and a punk rocker. I have known her for long time, I have drawn her and written comic strips often, though surprisingly this is my first time to build a puppet of her.

a sketch of Mie the stray cat

She is going to find her life-long family on 5th of February at the night of Rockin Stan Records annual charity event. There will be seven amazing local bands, good drinks, and the event benefits Children's Response Center. I got an offer to support this wonderful event with my art work, Mie is going to show up there as a gift whoever wins on raffle. Now everyone, do not worry. I will write her birth-certificate and life insurance, if whoever wins want to let her go or maintenance, I will be always here for her no matter what.

She is about 7.5 inch height, bone is solid. I am waiting for foam shop to call me on wednesday to pick up my order ( 1/4 inch depth foam roll, I had to special order! ) so that I can go head and sculpt her soft body with it. And I also ordered the making of fantastic Mr fox, The art book on Amazon.com. I just can not wait to read and study how they made those amazing puppets. They are my type. I am very in love with Mie and I will build her putting all my love and respect.

...stay tuned!

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