Creating; this Activity defiantly need a rhythm. Recently I changed my life cycle . I sleep between 1:30pm to 6pm now and this is working. Here I am in 3:50 am with full energy and passion under the moon when city is in sleep.

I am right in middle of calendar making. It is getting intense. putting so much heart in every pieces. all the pictures are already drawn and I just need to put everything together. I decided to use own font which means it is done by all hand drawn, even words and numbers.

While working on, I realized how it is important to write words by hand. It gives the same feeling with when I do calligraphy art back in home, Japan. Face to face, I have to catch the right moment with clear minds. That attitude, it is very necessary for my art. I am glad to meet the spirit again.

This is a image for November and December.

For snow, I used clear plastic paper. using transparency paper totally gave pictures depth. I know that I am going to be addicted with the style for a while. It looks like old cartoon made by cell papers back in the days.

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