I went to Elliott bay book store for my new inspiration. Book store is the place to go when i feel insecure. there is a book i have always wanted to buy, but i have been telling myself to wait for the right time. the book is called "the Handmade market place" by Kari Chapin. it is a guide book of How to sell your crafts locally, globally, and online. Today is the day to get it.

I have a lot of ideas and desires of what i want to make. many things i want to create in the world. this book is going to be sort of my bible, organizer, friend and inspiration. once i turn the first page, i have known that this book is going to help me out so much. thank you and nice to meet you.

And the evening came. my partner Tony came home with a pot of jasmine flower and a pack of natto(deliciaous japanese dish) as gifts. what a surprise and heart-warming.

cafe latte
colored leaves
rain boots
hair cuts
jasmine flowers

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