things are going. going slowly but positively.
let's osarai. what i am working on currently are:

1. puppet animation story
title:"leaving the nest"

2. comic book vol.1
title:"linda's deep labilynth"

3. calender making for 2011

these are things i must get done by this year.

today is tuesday. tuesday is the day of calender making!! let's dig it tonight.
i want to make a calender really shows the beauty of season. each month have very beautiful face and i really want to describe that with my friend the little fox girl "tokiko-chan".

earlier today, i fixed the sound effects of my flying puppy dog animation. i still wish i had more patient to make those clouds move to the end, but i also like my cheesiness...what can i say.

For the last a couple days, i have been working on putting together the animatics for my animation project. i still have to figure out exact vision for last scene. so this animatics will help that our for sure. hopefully to finish all that by thursday.

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